Branding Articulation

Service Description

A good service or product isn’t enough if nobody knows about it. Nowadays, there is too much business competition, so users don’t know all brands and products they can buy.

Maybe you’re too close to your work to take an impartial look. So, an outside look can help you to work in your brand. With your investment, efforts, and aspirations in the balance, you'll need an outside perspective to solve branding problems, seize latent opportunities, and make the right decisions according the market reality.

My brand articulation process involves competitive analysis and rigorous market research. Out of that crucible comes unique positioning and product strategies in the form of distinctive, succinct, memorable, and measurably compelling brand messaging. I will help you stand apart, launch if you're new to the market, rebrand if you're breathing life back into your organization, and ultimately find firm footing in the market or industry of your choosing.

With a professional corporate identity your business could go much further. In order to design it, you need a competitive analysis and rigorous market research. With my service, you can get a complete brand articulation that helps you with a full branding guidelines or business plan.

What you get by ordering my brand articulation service is:

- 3 Ideas of logotipos designed with the values of the business and the product.
- 3 Slogans to attract customers and to remain in the user's mind.
- 3 Boilerplates that condense the value, power and purpose of your product in a commercial way.
- 1 Brand position brief about your benefits and value proposition.
- 1 Specific demographic profile about your target.
- 1 SWOT analysis.

Briefing Details

If you think that I am your best option, contact me now to help you with your Brand articulation.

What I just need from you to work on this template is:

- Information about your business.
- Information about your product and/or service.
- Any corporate identity you have used previously.
- Any marketing or advertising elements you have already used.
- Any other information you think may be relevant.

Delivery details: Based on the service scope described above and the additional services required. I guarantee 100% quality results within a tight timeline, wherever difficult the task is.

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