Storytelling - Short Story or Flash Fiction

Service Description

I was five. I could still taste the saccharine sweet remnants of chocolate on my tongue. My mouth was smeared with cocoa crumbs and icing. My parents walked in, mouths wide open.

“Laura! Did you take a bite of grandma’s birthday cake?”


And so the storytelling began…


I have been telling stories before I could even put pen to paper, but at this moment in time I am a professional creative writer, having been published in Popshot Magazine.

If you're looking for a wizardly wordsmith to tell your story, whether it be for a blog, a website, a magazine, a literary journal or as a gift to someone, then look no further than this writer's ink-rich pen...

Briefing Details

Things I will need from you:

- Details of the story you would like me to tell
- The general theme of your story

- The format you would like your story to take (short story, flash fiction, etc)
- Your intended audience
- Desired word count (up to 2000 words)
- (Optional) If you would like it in the style of a particular writer or genre

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