Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories

Service Description

"A Story begins by weaving your inner reality with the reality outside. This is how we do it. This is how my Generators before me did it and this is how I do it as well. Storytelling is exhausting and fulfilling, and a spectacle to observe.

No one knows exactly how and why some of us become Generators and some Storytellers, but it has been the pattern of the known existence ever since we first became sentient. We needed a way to collect, store and utilize energy and once ingested, we needed a way to release that energy in a controlled way. This is how we began manipulating our environment, creating our worlds, firing our stars. Building our pathways through the universe."


As a lifetime Sci-Fi reader and aficionado, it only came natural that I should one day attempt to create my own stories, realities, dreams..And so sci-fi short story writing began, complimented with illustration and concept art.


While we sleep, endless mountains rise and unfurl beneath our feet, their beckoning sharp angles and geometry a whirlwind of ochre agony. I lay sprawled in the transparent belly of the flying behemoth, observing everything, taking in everything, no mouth, no speech, no words. I am floating suspended in mid-air, I am aware of all that is contained in the quiet, violent space underneath me, I imagine myself spreading my arms, closing my eyes and letting my ears bleed to the thrum of the music in my head, rightful ruler of the creatures in my chest. Music is like a perceptive limb to me. I observe, I observe quietly from behind my unassuming curiosity.

How much of this place is barren! Clean. Septic. Pure, unadulterated ribs of the earth, far from the corruption of human swarming.


If you have a great sci-fi idea and want it put on paper, let's get in touch, and we'll create your universe!


- 5000-7000 words max
- up to 3-4 characters
- up to 2 or 3 secondary plotlines

Final files will be delivered in Word format or other text formats if needed, grammar check included, performed with Antidote.

Briefing Details

Story word count, general idea, desired style - if there's any, and any input you might think valuable!