Customize Wirawiri: Tileable Game Level Map

Service Description

This service is based on my item "Wirawiri: Game Level Map Builder"
It has featured on Graphicriver.

Now I providing a special service to customize it according to your needs.
And the best part is: You will get a tileable map, so you can duplicate it seamlessly to any width. Very suitable if you have so many levels in your game.

In this standard service you will ONLY get:
- High resolution PNG file in 1536 x 2048 px (vertical iPad size) or the horizontal version.
- Tileable seamlessly as seen on the video preview.
- iPad mini version 768 x 1024 px.
- iPhone resolution 1242 x 1656 px (A scale down version, BUT still on the same ratio).
- Styles and elements are exactly the same as preview.
- Combine all features as you want (4 terrains, 2 tracks, 5 ground surfaces, 3 cliffs, 24 assets, and 10 level pins).

- Get the PSD file (all layers are well managed. Each element are separated so you still can re-arrange them yourself).
- Customize with 2x longer map.
- Customize the scene different than on the preview (e.g. Night scene, halloween scene, christmas scene, ect). Will be displayed on the preview on next updates.
- Customize assets (buildings, characters, trees, level pins, ect).

*Extra Service will cost you extra


Briefing Details

Please provide us with specific brief about the flow of your game level (vertical, horizontal, or board game style). And please tell us more about your game concept (if you order the extra customized scene and assets). It will be very helpful if you already have some rough sketches or samples to share as our reference.

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