Professional Label Design - EXTRA

Service Description

Providing technical final files at the quality standard graphic industrial.

A good product ID gives credibility to the brand and safety to consumer. It is a strong communication link between the brand and the customer. Good product labels stand out and increase the perceived value by the consumer. Many products do not have support from other marketing activities, and the label is your most important communication tool. Invest in design project exclusive, you'll highlight your brand and your product at point of sale.

Briefing Details

Send information about your brand and product. Format of area of the front label and back label (cm or mm). Logo design files (AI or CDR vetor) and others that should be included on the label. Mandatory legal texts according to the law of his country. Describe your expectations, concepts, colors and other details, or leave on my own. Add other information you think is relevant. If you have questions please contact.