Professional Resume / CV Design

Service Description

When you apply for a job. There are two things that are highly important :
1. Making a solid first impression.
2. Presenting your skills and information with clarity.

With our professional resume design service we help job seekers build a beautifully designed CV or resume.

We incorporate the best skills in graphic design, typography and illustration to produce a resume that will not only impress your employer but also help them navigate through faster because of the clean design.

We’ve helped people get hired in all kinds of jobs ranging from software developer, managers, photographers, accountants, finance, human resources.

Having helped over 200+ clients we understand what each employer expects in a particular industry and then accordingly optimize your resume.

This service includes :
A beautifully designed 2 pages resume, optimized for your industry in your desired file format.
If you want a magazine or brochure style Resume (Like I did for Caren & Kashish) that will be subject of the additional fee.

Briefing Details

To get started shoot us a message and we’ll need the following from your.
Your existing resume (if you have any)
Your picture.
Any other information that’s to be taken care of.