Product Mockup

Service Description

With this service you can be sure to have your products visualized for better promotion. Just send me the product label or packaging design and the necessary info about the packaging/container, is it a bottle, jar, box, etc... This is not a 3D modelling service, just a Photoshop manipulation that creates pretty good showcase image of your product, which you can show it to your partners, clients, friends, etc. The price is for one image, with one product mockup on it (3 sides of the product). For more customized request please contact me upfront so I can propose a custom job offer.


Briefing Details

I need the product label in high-quality format like pdf or preferably hi-res jpg/png file. I also need detailed info for the bottle, jar, etc and additional info how your product is packaged and sold. Hi-res image of the container used is preferable.

for packaging design, it is recommended to send the finished design in adobe illustrator or pdf format.