Lightroom Catalogs Editing

Service Description

Are you stuck with a lot of weddings or any type of photo sets? Boring to do culling and color correction for big amount of files?

I am here to solve your problem and save your time!

I am ready to process your Lightroom catalogs with your requirements or just will do my best magic to made photos looks good.

I can edit:
- any amount of files in catalogs
- weddings, love stories, family photos
- photos for fashion catalogs
- interior and food photography
- any type of photo sets

Culling, color and exposure correction, noice reduction, cropping, vignetting, black and white, sepia, any type of color effects.

Briefing Details

1. First of all you have to know how to export/import Lightroom catalogs. If you don't know - just contact me and I will give you instructions.
2. I do not working with RAW files (for more than 100 photos in batch), so that's why I am using Lightroom catalogs - it creates smart previews and it's enough to do editing.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Price depends on amount of photos in catalog, but minimum is 100 photos in catalog. More photos, longterm work? - Contact me and get your personal price per photo (depends on amount of files in catalog and amount of catalogs per month).