Professional Book Cover Design

Service Description

Don't wait long for a book design that you don't like, and cannot change it. I'm here for you. You can ask me to change any small detail, just for your own good. Your wish is my command!
You'll get:
-a clean and organized PSD file of the cover design, with easy-to-find layers and groups.
-a preview of the cover that you can use to promote the new design.
-a text file with any additional details, resources, fonts etc.

Clearly, you'll get all this and maybe a FREE BONUS if you will be clear on the guideliness. Tell me exactly what you want, so I can help you.

Briefing Details

You need to specify:
-exactly the size you need for your book cover
-the colours that you would like
-any elements you want to be included
-fonts, if you have any preferences
-any other details of your own