Horror, Thriller or Mystery Book Cover Design

Service Description

Looking for a unique, disturbing, dark cover design for your horror / thriller or mistery genre book? This service is for you. I will create a shocking and professional front cover design for your fiction book - see samples above - according to your book synopsis or ideas.

What you get? What format are the final files?

- 1 high resolution PDF file with the cover
- 1 high resolution JPG or PNG file with the cover
- 1 3D mockup of your book, showcasing the cover


Briefing Details

Before we start I need you to fill a quick brief form explaining the most relevant aspects of your book. This step is very important to capture the essence and feeling of the book.
- Your name:
- The Book Title:
- Author's / Publisher's Name or any other text / logo, etc. that has to appear on the cover:
- The book sinopsys:
- Required final cover dimensions or printer / publisher template if any:
- Ideas for the cover if you've any (optional):
- Examples you like / dislike: