Service Description

The best way to sell your ebook is creating a good cover, because it’s the first impression that readers will get from it. A good cover is one that represents the content of the ebook.

It’s really important to know how to organize the different elements, with a good design. Good covers have to equilibrate texts and images to create a unify whole.

What you will get?

- Professional Cover.
- Files: PDF, JPG & PNG.
- Advising about design.
- Professional service.

Briefing Details

First, we need to talk about your preferences, and the content of the ebook. Then, I will put your ideas on a professional ebook cover.

In the following list you'll find what I need to get started:

- Title and author of the book.
- Any other text that you want to include on the cover.
- Your color and images preferences.
- Any stock images that you may have and you want to use.

Delivery details: Based on the service scope described above and the additional services required. I guarantee 100% quality results within a tight timeline, wherever difficult the task is.