Custom E-Book & Book Cover Design

Service Description

Can you tell a book by its cover? Maybe not. But can you sell a book by its cover? Absolutely!

Many of the classic sci-fi novels of yesterday were marketed solely through their dazzling cover illustrations depicting fantastic worlds only artists and authors could initially dream of.

Even with the advent of electronic books, your work still deserves a unique design that makes it stand out whether it's in a brick and mortar store or on a website.

Need a simulated outer space scene or a whimsical forest? I can supply cover illustrations in a variety of styles ranging from photo-realistic to hand made.

So, don't settle for a stock photo and a cheap typeface when you can have a custom made illustration that draws the reader into your story and keeps them coming back!


Briefing Details

Please contact me with an inquiry BEFORE ordering so we can discuss your project and initiate communication. Blind orders are declined.

This service is for e-book and print book front cover design only. No internal pages are included. If you will need a spine and back cover designed as well, please note that this is an extra service.

Please contact me prior to ordering so we can discuss your particular needs.

You'll need to supply the following:

- Brief synopsis of your book
- Your ideas regarding what your cover might include
- Title, author name and any taglines to include
- Cover size and any print-specific specifications
- Spine size and info (if applicable)
- Back cover info (if applicable)

You'll receive final files in any formats you need that include, PSD, PDF, or packaged InDesign formats.