Digital Portrait Painting

Service Description

do you need a hand painted (read digitally painted) portrait? I can help paint a single portrait digitally from sent photo.

pl note that - i mean no photo-manipulation ;) i am going to draw your portrait by-hand on my tablet, and the end-result will be a portrait with classic painted look, pl check samples to know about my style.

Final Deliverable is 11"X17" @ 120 dpi print size so that you can easily print it from any local printer.

Briefing Details

i need you to send me a clear photograph, preferably a head-shot to start with. the photo must be 800px width at least, so that i can get better details about your facial features.

if you need me to paint some expressions, i request you to take a shot accordingly so that i can get the mood and this will help me draw accurately and faster.

thank you so much and happy to draw you.