Digital Portrait Painting with Simplified Background

Service Description

Take a memory and make it into art worthy of hanging on your wall! Great for gifts or personal avatars.

I'll take your favorite photo (one photo only, no more than two subjects) and digitally paint it in an artistic and signature oil-paint style. My painting is done by hand in Corel Painter 12 and I take a personal, creative approach to each project.

You'll receive a high res digital file zip (PNG, JPG and TIFF), suitable for printing up to 18x12 inches.

Briefing Details

When ordering, please include:

- Reference photo, preferably as high quality as possible. Please no more than 2 subjects per photo.
- Any special requests (see below) or preferred background color.
- Whatever you can tell me so I can make the painting more personal!

For this service, I'll do minor edits to optimize the photo and minimalize the background prior to painting. Optimizing the photo may include minor color and contrast correction but does not include major edits or masking. For what a minimal background portrait looks like, please check out the sample images!

If you prefer a fully detailed background in your painting, I can do that too! Please check out my other services.

Upon request, I can make the following additional minor adjustments in the final painting at no extra cost:

- Cropping of original photo composition.
- Minor color correction to colors in the original photo.
- Removing and replacing background entirely with a subtle and artistic color wash.