Background Art for Game/Animation/Story

Service Description

Set the mood for your cartoon, video game, or children's story.

Step 1: I will create three (3) b/w thumbnail sketches. We will discuss what matches your vision.

Step 2: Using your comments I will then create a draft color image.

Step 3: I will make one revision of the final color to meet your specification.

Deliverable: .png or .jpg - I work in vectors so I can create an image to nearly any size.

Briefing Details

I want to give you exactly what you need. Along with a proper description of the background itself, could you please describe the overall project and this scene's role. What kind of game is it? What kind of animation or story? etc.

An explanation of mood (cheerful/dramatic/exciting) is also very important and helpful.

You may use photo-reference if you wish.

Thanks :)



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