Professional Storyboards - B&W 4 frames /page

Service Description

Free those ideas!

I offer dynamic black and white line drawings that will bring your story to life. Whether you need storyboards for a quite kitchen discussion, an underwater adventure, a thrilling sci-fi scene, or an intense car chase, I can get it done for you.

I have over 5 years experience working as a commercial illustrator, storyboard artist and concept artist. Together we can take your ideas and turn them into tangible worlds for everyone to enjoy.

Recently I completed a storyboard assignment for the Austrian company Tectonic Slide. I was the sole storyboard artist for their upcoming animated feature Lizzard Maddoxx. I drew over 6000 boards spanning a 10 month time frame.


Briefing Details

All storyboards are equal to 16:9 aspect ratio and come four per page. Cost is based per page.

I want to make sure that you receive the exact piece you need, so I welcome a call to go over your vision and the script.

A description of the overall mood of the project will be an incredible help as well (i.e. light and fun, menacing, cold, upbeat, etc.). It will help me to determine the appropriate mood and overall design.

If it helps, please include photo references, stick drawings or whatever visual aids you need to get your point across.