Outrageous Digital Art

Service Description

Digital painting, illustration … call it what you will. We both know what it really is: the quantifiable result of Hellpickle tampering with reality as we know it; shaping it into something … else. Unnatural? To be sure. Graphic – of course. And maybe somehow in a very twisted little part of your mind you find it in some way … sexy.
Feel the dirty artistic love The Pickle has to offer. Go. Now. FEEL IT!

Summon Hellpickle! Here's how:
• Submit your Brief
• You will get a chance to approve black and white sketches before final color rendering begins
• Relax while The Pickle conjures pixel-madness on digital canvas

When it's done you'll get a unique, original illustration saved as a high resolution JPG.

Briefing Details

To summon The Pickle, you need to provide us with:
• A description of what you want your illustration to be
• What size you are looking for (typically up to 12x18)
• If there is a specific use this art is meant to achieve
• Any additional direction you care to provide