Hand-painted Children Illustration & Art

Service Description

Hi, and thanks for checking my service!

My name is Valentina from Bag of Secrets, partner of Cyberleaf Studio, and I am a London based illustrator and painter.

With this service I am going to create a hand painted illustration for you, and you will receive a hi-quality scan of the original illustration.

The painting will be made using watercolours, acrylics, pencils, or a mix of all these techniques, depending on your preferences and on the project itself.

Since the illustration is completely hand-painted on paper or canvas I'll send you a pencil sketch first, for you to approve, before starting painting it, so it will be much easier for me to make any changes.

The final illustration will be delivered as a 600dpi hi-quality scan of the painting, as a TIFF or PNG image file, and JPEG smaller version image (or even in a different image format if you prefer!)

Briefing Details

Please let me know, as detailed as possible, which is your idea and subject, which is the mood and the style you want to achieve. Include any story or message that should be behind the illustration.
Any other references that can work as a guideline for me would be useful as well.