Create A Drawing According To Your Photo Reference

Service Description

I will create an illustration of anything, according to your photo references.

The reference can be general - You can send me a photo of a man and ask for a drawing of a woman in the same pose - see the football player example.

Composition - I can leave room for text, or else let me know what the composition needs to be.

Scope of this service:
One human figure, or ,One item (one car, for example).
If it's a group of people or items, please contact me first.

Style options:

1. Pencil drawing
2. Pencil with minimal coloring
3. Pen drawing (Vector)

Background options:

a. Figure on Transparent background
b. Figure on White background
c. A simple background (see examples)

Files formats:
If you choose styles 1. or 2. you will receive a high resolution PNG file.
For style 3. you can get a PDF vector file and/or a high resolution PNG file.

Briefing Details

Please provide the following:

Reference photos.
Describe what you want me to draw in as much detail as you can.
Describe the story, the atmosphere and feeling you wish the drawings to convey.

Choose style option - 1, 2 or 3.
Choose background option - a, b, or c.

Provide your coloring preferences – brand colors, for example.

Work stages:

First stage:
I will create rough sketches, to block out the compositions.
When you approve sketches –

Second stage:
I will create the final drawings.

Third stage:
1 round for final fixes.