Service Description

I will paint a portrait of your beloved pet. It can be a portrait of a single pet or of multiple pets.

Surprise your loved ones with the gift of a beautiful portrait. This is perfect to frame and hang on your wall, for remembering your wedding day, as a remembrance of how cute your children were when they were little, as a gift for a friend, as a birthday present, for remembering a pet, illustrating a character for a role-playing game, use it as your new profile picture on social media, etc...

You will receive the final portrait as a digital image file in multiple formats. Unless otherwise requested, I will send you the painting in PNG and JPG formats.

I generally paint portraits in sizes up 16"x20", but if you need a larger size, we can discuss it.

I look forward to painting you a beautiful portrait of your pet.


Briefing Details

How many subjects do you want in this portrait?
What size portrait do you desire?
What background do you want?
Do you have appropriate photos I can use as reference for this portrait? (see below)

Since this is a portrait, I will need a photo of those you would like painted. The higher the resolution of the photo, the better. If I can't see the details, I will have to guess and it will likely not look correct. A photo with the exact pose and lighting is preferable. I can make slight alterations to lighting and backgrounds, but that's about it.

Please communicate with me first before ordering, so we can discuss your portrait's requirements before I start work.