Digital Painting - Detailed Fantasy Illustration - Digital Fine Art

Service Description

If you are looking for detailed, high quality, elaborated fantasy painting then this service is for you. Mostly depicting female characters, they feature high fantasy settings, graceful poses, a little twisted beauty at times and carefully created atmosphere.
Based on real people or created from imagination, they also often depict rich foliage and animals.
You are welcome to tell a story for your painting as story gives me more inspiration and lets me delve deeper into the character's background.
Thank you!


Briefing Details

These works take longer than usual to create and contain many details that should be discussed prior to starting the work. For such illustration I need these details as base:
- portrait or full body image
- general pose (photographs for reference recommended)
- color palette if you have any particular in mind
- setting (mainly whether it's forest, meadow, mountains etc.)
- size of the finished illustration, this can be up to 5906x8268px at 300dpi which is equal to 50x70cm print size
I will provide sketch of the work for you to approve, this will be digital sketch that you can also purchase additionally.
Due to nature of these works, purchasing psd files is not possible since I flatten them often and work in more traditional approach, therefore there are hardly ever elements separated in layers.
Attention: I am fine with nude images but not explicit sex related. Upon request I can send you samples of fantasy nudes when you enquire about this service.