Realistic Hand Drawn Product Illustrations

Service Description

I am an illustration artist specializing in detailed ballpoint pen drawings. If you are looking for a realistic hand drawn artwork of an object or memorabilia like your car, guitar, toy or anything close to you heart, I can make that happen for you. This is a great gift idea for friends and family.

Just send me a reference image of the thing you want me to draw and I'll deliver you the files within 5 days. You can order it in color or in black and white. You can also ask for minor revisions after the delivery.

If you would like the original artwork shipped to your place I can do that too.

What you'll get:
1. High resolution jpg image (300dpi, 8"x11")
2. Source file (.psd)
3. 3 Revisions

What I need:
1. A good resolution reference image
2. A small description of the subject

Note:I draw inanimate subjects only (no human/animal figures)


Briefing Details

I will need a high resolution reference image or a detailed description with samples if possible to get started.

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