Artistic Style - Digital Painting - Wildlife, Pets, Portraits - Free Style Painting Service

Service Description

Offered is unique artistic interpretation of your chosen subject, be it your pet portrait, wildlife art, people, still life or landscape. With visible, bold brushstrokes and vivid colors, this sort of digital painting gives a unique look. Each work is painted by hand from scratch. There is no automated process as I pretty much follow my traditional art training and create each work completely by hand.
I have translated my oil painting technique to digital painting technique and this allows me to create original works in the digital medium, still maintaining traditional feel. This way my clients receive ordered painting in a convenient way and they can print it on their own, thus omiting expensive and time consuming mailing of original paintings.
I deliver files in specified size, suitable for print on paper, canvas or any other surface.
Inviting traditional look to digital era.

Briefing Details

Please specify:
- subject/theme (image description)
- size of the image, also for print if you wish to print it