Drupal E-commerce Sites customization

Service Description

We can customize any Drupal themes to according your needs.
We can customize Drupal basic structure for your store needs, or whoich type of functionality you want from us, We Works with views, rules, token,Best Ecommerce kickstart, ubercart, Drupal Customization, Drupal Migration Services, WordPress to Drupal Migration, Drupal Custom Themes, Drupal Sub Themes For Zen Themes , Omega Themes Sub Themes, Adaptive Sub Themes , Drupal Distribution Services ( For Drupal Ecommerce Website), Open Publish Distribution ( For variety of media outlets sites)

we can Change:
- Installation of additional modules needed for the desired presentation(scratch Code not Include )
- Changes of the theme settings
- CSS changes in the theme
- Creation/Adaption of Drupal php templates for either pages, nodes, fields, forms or views.

Briefing Details

If your customization needs custom code in form of new modules to be written, this will not be covered ( With Additional Code Charges). I.E. if the changes are outside the theme folder, they are not part of this service.