Drupal Theme installation with Demo Set up

Service Description

We provide Drupal Theme installation and demo set up.

We appreciate your valuable time and we are here to help you save your time and get your site ready.

Why you choose us? We're a team of web developers who have builds custom Drupal sites, theming and creating custom modules. We work with clean and high-quality coding.

We also a member of Drupal.org and have committed quality codings to Drupal community.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information.


Briefing Details

Please provide the following in order for us to get started:

1. Domain or URL link to the site
2. Control Panel login info (address, port, username, password)
3. FTP login info (FTP address, port, username and password)
4. Please provide Drupal admin access (username and password) if you already have this and if not, please specify what username you'd like to use.
5. Please also specify on which folder you want us to put the installation in (if necessary).

We will make sure your credentials are safe with us:)