Google apps E Mail Setup for a Domain

Service Description

Hello and thank you for checking out my service.

With this service I'll set-up Google apps E Mail's for your domain.
This will provide you with a paid storage of you e mails on Google's mail servers (with the features and pricing shown at and a far more advanced interface and functionality than the one you would get on any server that host sites.
You can learn more about this at
In other words your site will still be hosted on your web hosting company, but your e mail will be hosted on Google (which will be paid interdependently).

- This service includes creating up to 3 e mail accounts. (More can be added afterwards).
- This service doesn't include migrating your e mails, if you already have e mails on another server or e mailing service. It is intended for a) domains that have no e mails yet, or b) domains that have e mails but their users don't mind not migrating the ones that already exist.


Briefing Details

Please send me
- The domain name you want me to set-up the e mails for.
- The email addresses you want me to set-up (eg [email protected], [email protected] as well as their corresponding names (eg "John Doe", "Hellen Kelly").
- If you need more than one e mail address, please specify which e mail address you want to have as an administrator for your Google account. (For managing global settings ect).
- Your domain registrar's login details (url, username and password).
- Your hosting company's login details may also be needed (It may be the same company).
- Your logo (if you want place it on the top right of your webmail interface).