Advanced Video Tutorial on any Topics

Service Description

I will make an outstanding video tutorial on how to do any incredible animation, using the most important software or plugins for After Effects.

Can be treated each topic and advanced technique:
- Vector drawing and advanced techniques in Adobe Illustrator
- Image and digital retouching with Photoshop,
- 3D modeling, animation and rendering in Cinema 4D,
- Background effects (particles, smoke, fire water, etc.),
- Visual effects, tracking and compositing with the most famous plugins on After Effects,
- Color correction,
- Video and audio editing.

My tutorials are highly researched and the length is typically around 20-30 minutes resolution 1440x900.

Previous publications plus of 80 video tutorials:



Briefing Details

- Specific topic to cover.
- What is the primary goal?
- Detailed description of how you want your final video to be, font or text need to be used, colors, material, vfx, animations, or any other relevant information.