Explainer Videos for Startup and Businesses

Service Description

You might have made the best product out there, launched a website, doing all sorts of marketing but still getting low conversion numbers?

The problem might be your customers don’t fully understand what value you bring to them. Sure you wrote everything on your website. An average person spends 5.7 seconds before scanning the website. Meaning which nobody reads the text you have, it’s boring.

But 2018 was the year of video marketing, studies show that a page with a video converts 40% better than the page without one. It’s simple, would you rather take the efforts of reading or let a fun video story play on it’s own?

Explainer videos are fun to watch, easy to understand and highly memorable.
They will bridge the gap between you and your customer, sell your service and even clear their doubts. So go ahead and give your customers a pleasant experience by ordering our explainer service gigs.

We use the best practices in animation, sound design, voice overs, script writing to produce quality videos for you.

You get :
1. 60 second animated video in any format (mp4, mkv, avi etc)
2. Well designed character and infographics.
2. Suitable music to make it more interesting.
3. Voice overs by professional voice artists.
4. Commercial licenses to all

Briefing Details

- Your idea
- Your Present Pitch Deck (Optional)
- Brand material like logos, fonts, and UI.
- Sample Video or the video which you like most
- The story, if you have something in mind. (Optional)
- Any specific instructions you like or not like