Explainer Videos for Startup and Businesses

Service Description

Your product or service deserves to be explained. It deserves to be known.
But most agencies out there don't care about it. Most explainer videos fail alongside the business they are trying to explain.

Reason: Poor messaging.

Poor messaging is worse than no messaging.

You want attention.
You want to stand out.
You want conversions on your website.

And I am doing that for awesome business owners like you since 2015.

I can convert your idea or concept into a beautifully crafted explainer video.
I offer a complimentary video distribution guide for your video.
I have worked with over 600 companies, and 599 are very happy.
One customer was my father, and he is never happy.

I know over 15+ explainer video styles and can advise you which one would work specifically for you!

I am very active and responsive and I don't charge fancy like big agencies out there and devote my time to only one client at a time.

You don’t have to take my word for it.
Google "What a Story" and see the results yourself.

Or watch what my former clients are saying:

To see more of these videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvr0s6WLGo2Ziku6lejbVZrscg2G-uDW

It’s time to giddy up.
Send me a message, and let's get started!

Still reading?

I like your style.

With me you will get:
- World Class Customer Support (Zoom/Meet/Anywhere Remote)
- Clarity on message - I’ll work with you to create an impactful messaging
- A Dedicated team of professionals
- All source files made from scratch – just for you! Use them everywhere, you will own that.
- Professional Voice-over and Premium music (never face copyright issues with me)
- 100% Quality Assurance
- Expert Consultation
- Money-back Guarantee
- I am a professional. Seriously, just google "What a Story."

Note: A 30-second production is included in the above-mentioned price. For longer durations like 60 seconds or more, please contact me.

Briefing Details

- Your idea or Pitch Deck
- Brand material like logos, fonts, images or UI.
- Sample Video or the video which you like most
- The story, if you have something in mind. (Optional)
- Any specific instructions you like or not like