Professional Whiteboard Animation

Service Description

Whiteboard videos are one of the most engaging pieces of content. The style works really well for explainer videos is that whenever you imagine a whiteboard it naturally reminds you of school or someone teaching something

This pulling effect is being used by several businesses as a style to market, promote and explain their service or products.

We’ll help you with the highest quality animations, soothing sound design and persuasive voice-overs that will make your video very high quality and high converting.

You can send us a script or just ideas we’ll help you write, storyboard and more.

You get :
1. 30 second animated video in any format (mp4, mkv, avi etc)
2. Well designed character and infographics.
2. Suitable music to make it more interesting.
3. Voice overs by professional voice artists.
4. Commercial licenses to all

Briefing Details

- Your business name, branding elements, industry / focus.
- A brief about your products, services, and target market.
- Sample video, which you liked most.
- Any other details or info that may think will be helpful.

1. We will discuss the business and make a story for you.
2. Once the story is finalized, we sketch the storyboard.
3. We finalize the storyboard with you and Sart working on the graphics.
4. After graphics, we can start the Animation immediately.
5. We are start finalizing the Voice Artist as well, Within this process.
6. We will edit the full video, add bg music, sync with the voice and yuh hu uu...
Your Video is ready to publish!

We do the necessary edits (within the scope of the project) and when you’re fully satisfied we send you the Full HD quality (1080p).mp4 files that you can use everywhere.