Custom Motion Graphic Animation

Service Description

A video animation can improve your conversion rates, helps to attract more clients, grabs a person's attention, by quickly explaining a message or featuring a product in a simple way.

Have an effective marketing tool that will both entertain and inform your clients about why they should choose your product or service.

I create custom motion graphic animations that will best fit your brand and script, following any upfront directed storyboard you may have prepared.
Stock vector graphics will be used in the process of creating the animation.

You simple send me your script, (the voice - if you already have it), logo, images &/or URL, and I'll offer you:

- 5 seconds animation
- 1920/1080, 25 fps, MP4 (optional higher resolution available)
- Voice record of your script
- Licensed background music
- 2 revisions included for visual
- 1 revision included for voice


Briefing Details

For the short 5 seconds animation, please provide me:

- A text script containing max 12 words
- If you have prepared a custom storyboard, please message me first, to discuss all the upfront details
- Logo and any additional pictures/graphics you want to include