ICO and Blockchain Explainer video

Service Description

Are you looking for a more effective way to communicate your crypto ideas to the right people? Get your Idea out there; Make a splash with your ICO.

If you want to be successful in the world of cryptocurrencies, what you need is a powerful ICO promotional video and that is exactly what we are here to offer you. Our promotional Explainer videos are guaranteed to help you present your crypto Ideas above the competition and make your target audience invest in your Cryptocurrency. We offer powerful cryptocurrency ICO videos, guaranteed to help you sell your tokens to investors.

Here is what you get with this service:

1.One Promotional or Explainer video. (Upto 40 seconds, more duration will require extra budget)
2.Video in standard Mp4 format and HD resolution (1920 x 1080p) or 4k resolution
3.Royalty free background music and much more
4.Voice overs by professional voice artists.
5.Commercial licenses to all

Briefing Details

- Your business name, branding elements, industry.
- A brief about your products, services, and target market.
- Sample video, which you liked most.
- Any other details or info that may think will be helpful.