Creative High Definition Promotional Explainer Animation

Service Description

I will design and create a High Definition (1080p) motion graphics animated "explainer" video (up to 1:00) for your company or product. These videos are a proven way to quickly explain who you are as a company or what your product/app/etc. can do in fun and attention grabbing way.

Having a video, that's not just another sales pitch, that you can upload to multiple social networking sites is a fantastic way to grab new investors/clients/customers.

My animation is fun and is a great way to convey your message in a much more engaging format than text or an image.


Briefing Details

For this project, I will need a final and completed script that reads up to one minute in length**. I will also need a logo file and any relevant marketing materials or elements that you feel will help me keep the video within your branding.

I will then ask for your opinions about how you might want to see the video: Colorful? Narrated or not? Male vs. Female voice over? etc.

**Note that this price does not include a voice-over. If your project requires a VO. One of the extras on this service is for a *professionally sourced* voiceover with your approval of voice-over artist. I only source out professional VO artists, not people on Fiverr or anything like that! If you prefer to handle the VO yourself, I can point you in the right direction for where to get one recorded.