Professional and Fun Infographics

Service Description

* Case studies and availability notes are below


Fully illustrated and fun infographics attract many viewers and truly make your ideas and information stand out more -depending on the style that you want, I can make unique and fun yet professional looking infographics for you. Rest assured, that I will be giving you updates from time to time - from my wireframes and sketches, my color scheme plans and until the final stages of development.

Buyers of this service will get the following:
1. AI or EPS files
2. High quality JPG/PNG file
3. JPEG/PNG files suitable for online sharing
4. PDF file version
5. My everlasting and warm appreciation and smile :)
6. Note that if you need other things for this project, do not hesitate to let me know in advance.


Service Provider's notes:

I am always available from Mondays through Fridays and can work for a few hours every Saturdays. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are for my me-time and family time. Just a short information about my availability so you will be guided. Thank you!

To view some of my case studies, you can check out my Behance portfolio here:


Briefing Details

In order for me to start this project, I will be needing the following things:

1. Preferred file dimensions
2. Your target audience
3. Desired color scheme
4. Editable PDF/DOC file of all the details needed
5. Preferred style/basic idea/sketches or anything that will help me understand your idea more
6. Your company name and logo (preferable in vector format)