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Service Description

This service is an infographic design, as small or as complex as the data calls for. I am experienced in creating infographic elements such as graphs, pie charts, line graphs, etc. and integrating these with interesting visual elements and icons to create an appealing and easy-to-digest infographic with clean organization and a strong layout.

I like to explore a variety of styles based on the type of infographic I'm building--anything from illustrative to clean and flat.


Briefing Details

In order for me to build a successful and clear infographic, please send the following information with your service request:

- Brief about what the infographic is about
- Size/purpose
- Preferred style/aesthetic
- Details about all of the information to include
- Any files/images/photos/icons that you would like to include in the graphic
- Any sketches you may have to get started

You will be updated along every step of the way. The process will begin with sketches and/or basic wireframing to get you a feel of the layout, followed by building up the details.