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Service Description

we produce a diverse range of infographics, data visualisations, presentations and reports for leading organisations.

Why Choose us....
1. Trusted Specialists
2. Proven Process
3. Creative Range

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What will you get ?

1. AI and EPS files
2. High quality JPG/PNG file
3. PDF file version


Briefing Details

What should i(designer) required?
1. Your Complete content to include in the info-graphic : Excel,Word files, Logo, Web site link, Screenshots etc.
2. Elements to include in the info-graphic
3. Story to tell in the info-graphic
4. Specific requirement like file size, layout dimension and color chart.
5. A briefing about the company
6. Your target audience

Why designer required your briefing ?
Briefing will clear the concept of the info-graphics

Where you going to use info-graphic?
It is good for a designer to know where you going to use your info-grphics whether for print medium , internet or any other medium so he can prepare the design according your requirement.

Which is your inspirational site/ info-graphics?
Just provide your favorite info-graphics link to know more about your likes and dislikes.



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