Professional and Creative Invitation Design

Service Description

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Hi! I'm Iqbal Hussain from Pakistan. I'm a featured author at Envato, with my Graphics Design and Web Designs Projects. I have more than 1400+ sales!

Looking for a Invitation Designer for inviting someone for your event graphically. Well, We will design a Professional and Creative Invitation for your event the design you like. Professional and Creative Invitation Design is a full and complete all-in-one Invitation Design Service that includes event evaluation, trying different concepts, color selection, icon selection, fonts selection, images selection and other necessary presentations.

Here is what we provides:
+ Event Evaluation
+ Trying Different Concepts
+ Colors Selection
+ Fonts Selection
+ Icons Selection
+ Images Selection
+ Files (.psd, .pdf, .png)
+ Dimensions (21×29 cm)
+ Well Organized
+ Fully Editable
+ Invitation Design

As an Added Bonus You Will Also Get:
+ Posting to the Website
+ Files (.ai, .jpg)
+ Different Colors Combination for the same Concept
+ Different Fonts Combination for the same Concept
+ Different Images Combination for the same Concept

#Not Included
+ Photo Editing
+ Brochure Design
+ Social Media Posts Design
+ Envelop Design
+ Poster Design
+ Article Writing
For that, check the extras below.

#Need Some Extra
+ Check the Extras.
+ I have Other Services Also: (
+ Please Offer a Custom Job.

The Design Website will have the following features.
+ Relevant
+ Unique
+ Impressive
+ Compact
+ Consistent
+ Calling
+ Creative
+ Formal
+ Clear
+ Attractive
+ Modern
+ Simple
+ Colorful


Briefing Details

+ Photos (.psd, .png)
+ Event Name
+ Slogan / Tagline(if required)
+ Description
+ Type of Invitation needed
+ Invitation Concepts (if have)
+ Desired Design
+ Desired Color and Fonts
+ Sample Invitation (if have)
+ Content (if have)
+ Images (if have)
+ Call to Actions
Mention all your instructions in a doc file.
Images should be in zip file.
For quick start provide the maximum details.