Joomla + Themeforest Theme Install As Demo

Service Description

You see a theme on Themeforest and you would like that to be the starting point for your own new Joomla website.

I can do a fresh install of Joomla and then install the Themeforest theme. I will install any demo content provided by the developer and set the theme up to look as much as possible as the demo website.

From there you can continue developing your website and adding your own content.

Please note that the supplied demo content can sometimes differ a bit from what you see on Themeforest. I follow the same guidelines concerning demo content as Envato uses in their Express Installation service:

The supplied demo content can vary quite significantly from one theme to another. I can only work with the provided demo content. If you have issues about the amount and quality of the demo content, this is something you should speak to the theme author about.

- While I will try my best to make the website look as much as possible like the demo, it is not part of this service to manually add content to achieve this.

- Sometimes the images as seen on the demo are not supplied with the demo content. This is usually for copyright reasons. Sometimes generic placeholder images are supplied instead. Look for messages at the bottom of the theme product page saying something like "The images seen in the demo are not supplied...". It is the intention that you should replace the demo content with your own content. The supplied demo content is not intended to be your final website content.


Briefing Details

PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING to discuss the scope of the job and check my availablility.

I'll need the following details:
Hosting control panel login;
FTP / MySQL details;
Themeforest Theme;
Site name and logo;

You buy the theme from Themeforest, you provide me with the download file, plus the login details of your hosting account. I install Joomla plus the theme and demo content to make it look as much as possible like the demo website. After that you can replace the texts and pictures with your own content.

Please try to ensure that your hosting account is ready for Joomla to be installed, that there are no IP / country login restrictions on the hosting account, and that any login details you provide really are correct, as these factors are the most common causes of delays in delivering the job. Troubleshooting issues with your hosting account and / or contacting your hosting provider are outwith the scope of this service.

Delivery time is generally max 24 hours from when you place the order and supply me with the necessary logins and files and a working hosting environment, but please check my availability first.