Express Single Page Web Design (PSD)

Service Description

We design smart and high-converting single page websites and landing pages.

Our handcrafted websites are based on logical and customer-centered decisions. They provide your visitors with the right informations as effective as possible in a visual aesthetic way.

What you will get:

A fully layered and well-commented .PSD file incl. 3 revisions.

What we need from you:

A detailed description of the website you want have designed. This should include the core elements of the page and the type of content.

Also please provide any assets (logos etc.) that need be integrated in the design.

Briefing Details

Please provide as much informations as possible about the page you want to have designed.

How should page look like (color scheme, content)?
What is the purpose/function of the page?
Are there any assets (like logos etc.) that need to be integrated in the design?
How does your typical look like (target audience)?
Do you have a specific style in mind for the design (please provide examples)?