Fresh Landing / Single Page from Scratch

Service Description

Hey, customer! This service is about Landing Page / Home Page Creativity!

Bonus for first 4 customers:
* a free banner ad set of 3 ads
* a free Social Media (FB, YouTube, etc.) cover

About the creating process:
✓ No templates!
✓ Originality and Creativity only!
✓ Style and usability


Q: What you get after job is done?
✓ Well layered, grouped and creative PSD
✓ Links to Icons, Stock Photos, Fonts, etc. (if used).

Q: How long does it take to create?
Normally, you get the completed work within 1-8 days. Sometimes my creative power is down and it takes a bit longer to complete the canvas. Be positive! You receive your art soon!

Q: Why my order is placed but not accepted?
It's might happening sometimes due to lot of work. I've been notified about that!..I'll accept soon, patience pleeez! THanX!


Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!
You are working with an individual person, not with a team.
Thank juuuu for the positive feedback!


Briefing Details

please send at least these things:

✓ Some content & info of your web
✓ organization / product name & description
✓ maybe a couple inspirational web pages or something you like / could inspire me
✓ a purpose / target of your page (what it should do?)

Let's Go!!