Clean, Minimalist, One Page Website Design

Service Description

Need a functional yet eye catching web site design? I will create a custom one page web page solution for your company.

I will create a design that includes:

1.A fully customized website designed to fit your companies needs.
2.A high quality, professionally designed website that is uniquely yours.
3.A included PDf document showing the final proof of your website.

In order to create a website design that best fits your needs, please answer the following applicable questions below.

1.What is the main goal of your website?(i.e. "I am trying to promote my work or sell goods online.")
2.What is the public you are trying to reach?
3.Do you have a preferred color palette or any existing branding?
4.Can you provide me with any additional details for the design of your website?

Please try and be as descriptive as possible in describing your needs for your website so that I can provide the fastest turn around time for your website design. Also feel free to add any additional relevant details.

Briefing Details

This service is intended for those who are looking for a quick website for a brand that they are launching or for a service for product. The finished product will be a WordPress website that is responsive and has a working back-end so that edits can be made without the developers assistance. The final website will be hosted on the client's hosting service so that the client will have the final website and all associated files under their control.

Items that I will need to complete a professionally designed website are as follows.

1. Your goal about the website and its intended audience
2. Any content that I can add to the website that pertains to your company or brand.
3. FTP credentials to the server where the website is being hosted.
4. Any branding (logos, colors, etc.) to be used on the website.