Custom Home Page/Landing Page Design

Service Description

Hello, my name is Claudiu. I help companies define and design new products (apps, websites) and also I reimagine the existing ones.

Why should you need a Custom Design?

Every business has different needs. If you want a website that is scalable, search
engine-friendly and unique, then a custom web design is an ideal choice.

Although, it might take longer and cost you more, but you will get a website according to your business needs and will deliver an exceptional user experience to your website visitors.

I will provide a design project, including:

- Layered PSD file;
- Responsive Design based on Bootstrap Grid;
- Friendly Services.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or consultation!
*This is a Design Only service!


Briefing Details

For the best final results, I will need a detailed description about your field or about the design you want. We can start with:

1 - What does your company/organization do? ?  
2 - What is the overall goal of the new design? (Increase conversion, brand awareness, increase trust?)
3 - Which is the problem of the current site?
4 - Do you have your own assets which we will use? (Pictures/text/diagrams/logo) 
5 - There is a palette of colors that we will use? Do you need help to choose one?
6 - Can you provide three examples of websites from your field/competitors?
7 - What other information should I know in regards to ideation (Ideas with what should be on the homepage)
8 - Are you interested in a certain type of design style? Or do you need help to choose one?