Creation and Customization Calligraphic Font

Service Description

Do you want a personalized and exclusive calligraphic font?
I can draw a any calligraphyc style, with all most important glyphs, can be used on all graphic or writing softwares, on any operating system.

— Creating a new typeface from the scratch,

— working fonts from your vector/bitmap characters,

— custom web fonts and iconic web fonts,

— professional fonts from handwriting,

— adding characters and extending language support (both Latin diacritics and Cyrillic)

for existing fonts:
— creating additional weights or distressed style.
— any other font customization jobs.

Briefing Details

- Please send us characters needed (for example: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, etc..)
- Describe in detail the style you want (regular, bold, outline)