Customized Calligraphy / Typography Design With Graphic Elements

Service Description

This service is not just a typography writing - It's an unique, elaborate design by an Internationally Awarded graphic artist w/15 years of creative experience (with some of the largest advertising agencies) - and with Elite status on Envato marketplace. Each delivery is different, designed only for you, with perfect line balance and shape aesthetics. Check closeups of my work - you won't get that level of detail ANYWHERE ELSE. And you'll get THREE designs to keep, and a vector file as well, for unlimited enlargements.

I will design your logo or a message (up to 5 words) in a modern calligraphy style, using a font as a start (because it would be impossible to get this amount of precise details by hand), then adjusting elements, cutting and merging lines, adding graphic details to complement your message and customizing general look and feel while making it your own.

Send me your message / text and I will do:
- 3 versions of your message in a popular calligraphy style
- all 3 versions as a hi-res .PNG files (black writing on a transparent background)
- FREE all 3 versions as vectors


Briefing Details

Send me the message you want written.