HD Professional Logo Animation

Service Description

Don't stick with a boring 2D logo, give it life, animate it.

Animated logos are fun to add as gif or video to your social media pages like facebook or websites.

Animated logos will help in grabbing user attention and in the retention of your brand into the customer's mind.

- - - 5 reasons to work together - - -

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4) Can communicate in 3 languages
- 100% English
- 100% Italian
- 100% Maltese

5) Passionate and dedicated person

- - - What you will get - - -

1) Cool Animated Logo of your brand

2) .GIF .MP4 .MOV exports (specify in your request please)

3) Sequence - Frame by Frame .png


Briefing Details

What I need

- Logo:

Layered vector format (.eps or .ai) or layered photoshop file (.psd) *important it's layered. Low resolution and/or non-vector logos will likely result in a pixilated output. Something which is beyond any motion artist control.

- Something about your brand:

Info about your company/product that is relevant to the animation.
What's your style? (serious, corporate, fun, or creative)
Do you have any brand guidelines?

- Explanation:

Just a suggestion from your end of what you have in mind. If you don't then I will come up with the animation style myself based on the above information.

- Fonts:

Any font preference you might have based on personal taste or brand guidelines

- Audio:

Send me any audio track you would like to attach. *if you don't have any and would like me to get audio for you please add as an extra.

- Export:

Resolution you want the animation to be exported to

This service does NOT include:

- - - More than 2 - 3 revisions of the logo reveal - - -

I will do my best to meet your expectations and will change and edit the logo reveal to your specifications. Usually 1-3 revisions is all it takes to get a product that everyone is thrilled with. Any further revisions or large changes will have to be done as a separate custom job.

- - - Additional assets - - -

No additional assets will be created. If you would like any other icons, or symbols in your animation please provide them before the project begins in a vector format, high-res PSD or a hi-res image.