Professional Custom HD Logo Animation

Service Description

A logo reveal is like a bookend to a video that helps your company name stick in the potential client/investor/customer's mind. It's also a great addition to any YouTube channel.

I will design and animate your logo into a full HD 1080p video file for you to place before or after your video projects.

The logo reveal will be based off of your existing logo and I will use the quirks and properties of your logo and brand to drive the feel of the animation.

Normally, I output a .MP4 file using the H.264 codec. If you need a different file format, just let me know!


Briefing Details

This job includes:

A High Definition 1080p video file of your logo animated. These are generally 6-10 seconds in length

What you need to get started:


This logo MUST either be in a vector format (.eps or .ai) or a high-res, layered PSD file. Low resolution and/or non-vector logos will likely result in a pixilated image, this cannot be fixed without a vector or high-resolution version of the logo.


What info about your company/product is relevant to the animation? Are you a serious, corporate, fun, or creative organization? With this information I can create a unique animation that fits in well with your branding identity.


If you would like any type of background track or specific sound effects added to your video they must be provided by you or you must purchase the audio extra for this service. Sound effects/audio are not included in the price but I will implement whatever you provide free of charge. If you need advice on where to find good sound effects or audio tracks I can help to point you in the right direction.

This service does NOT include:

-- More than 3 revisions of the logo reveal.

I will do my best to meet your expectations and will change and edit the logo reveal to your specifications. Usually 1-2 revisions is all it takes to get a product that everyone is thrilled with. Any further revisions or large changes will have to be done as a separate custom job.

-- Additional assets.

No additional assets will be created. If you would like any other icons, or symbols in your animation please provide them before the project begins in a vector format, high-res PSD or a hi-res image.