Convert or Redraw Your Logo

Service Description

I have over 7 years of experience as a graphic designer and I will professionally convert your logo or raster image to vector. This process is known as vector tracing, vector conversion, vectorization, vectorize.

Have an existing logo design that you want to be converted for use in all media such as the web or print? Is it low quality and you want it high res?

Then send it to me and I will redraw your image into a scalable vector file (.ai) so that its fit for purpose.

The default output file will be in .png format. Other formats like .jpg, .svg, .eps, .ai or any other format will be provided on demand.

Your re-vectored/ redrawn logo will be delivered to you within 24 hours and in most cases 5 hours. If you need it urgently let me know and I will see what I can do to help you out!

Yes, there are cheaper offers out there but if you want to value, hard work and excellent customer service then you need to look no further.


Briefing Details

I need the original image that you want converted, the larger the file, the better.
Will also include minor modifications if requested, e.g. color changes/ word additions/ removals.