Handmade Rustic/Vintage Logos

Service Description

Do you have a cool and hip product that needs a logo with something more? Something that appeals to a crowd with trendy tastes?

Your product needs a logo that's just as artisanal and custom as it is.

I can produce custom logos that mix texture and handmade type for a down-to-earth, timeless appeal that matches the effort and love you put into creating your product.

Briefing Details

Please contact me with an inquiry BEFORE ordering so we can discuss your project and initiate communication. Blind orders are declined.

Please note this service is ONLY for hand-drawn logos with a rustic/aged look as shown in the example images. This style may not work with your particular brand, so we'll need to discuss your needs.

You'll need to provide the following info in order to properly brand your concept:

1) Company/product name
2) Target audience & any other pertinent audience info
3) Brief introduction describing your brand/product and how it functions in the market

All artwork to be included from you MUST be print-ready, 300dpi or vector. Extensive vectorizing, photo cleanup/cutout/touch up and other processing of included artwork may incur extra service fees.

You'll receive your logo in a variety of vector and bitmap files for use in branding your product.



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