Character Logo Design

Service Description

I will create an original character/mascot logo for you. I will provide sketches first to make sure you will get the perfect mascot you need. Revisions are welcome before having them colored and illustrated.

I need details of how you want the mascot to look like and what theme or color do you prefer. Any details regarding what you wanted for the mascot will help.
files deliverable will be based on your need.


Briefing Details

Name to incorporate in the logo
- what is your logo name ?

Slogan to incorporate in the logo
- (optional), if there's any, please put it here

Description of the organization and its target audience
- please give me as much details that you can get...the clearer this section described, it will make the designs process goes smoother.

- in what kind of industry does your company/organization/ services into?

Sample logos
- if you have any sample logos that you like besides my current portfolio, please fill in.

Values to communicate
- what are the first impression that you like to bring when people sees your logo for the first time ?

Color preferences
- if you already have a website, you could send me the link, or the color swatches.
your logo need to blend in.

To be used on
- does it need to get printed, or just for online adv ?

- any other detail that you need to add.

Files attached
- wrap up of any files that you need to add, a .docx or .pdf of your guidelines is always welcome.



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