Creative Logo for Creative People in Creative Industries

Service Description

We design catchy, fun and conceptual logo for creative people in various creative businesses.

It could be a logo for :

- Music Artist (band, DJ, rappers, etc.)

- Events.

- Software / Application or Developers.

- Music Business (recording company, management, booking agent, and so on)

- Independent community (such as book club, racing team, activists, rubic cube club, fansclub, dance team, etc..)

- Media (Zine, blog, forum, radio streaming, etc).

- ... anything creative.

Our goal is to visually translate your value and philosophy into one stylish, 'entertaining' and meaningful logo.

Here the 'Entertaining' word means that we will try to make the logo has enough value to be produced as merchandise too.

For this kind of design task, the process will be led by two of Candeed's design ninjas which have deep interest and long-experience in creative industry.

(Well, who can design a tiger cage better than its trainer ?)


Logo files will be delivered in : .PSD or .AI, .jpg, transparent .png along with .pdf as written explanation of the concept.


Some Tips:
- Click 'Send Enquiry' button in case you need to ask pre-job questions or ask for something which is out of the scope of this service (a custom job).

- Click 'Order Service' to start the project (sooner is better!).

- Click 'Add to Favorites' button to bookmark this service (so you could decide to use it later).


Looking forward to working with you on your new logo!

Briefing Details

To help our team to kickstart the project, please provide information about:

01. Your full name.

02. Your business / product name.

03. Your country / location.

04. Your website (if any).

05. Information about your business and your product / service.

06. Logo wording.
Exact words / phrases that needed to be written in the design (case sensitive please).

07. Primary target audience
(such as 'age range', demography, and so on).

08. Preferred color(s).
Maybe you have existing branding color(s) that needed to be included in the logo?

09. Examples of logos that you like.


Thanks for your interest in working with us.


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