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-== My Premium Logo Design Service: http://bit.ly/wx-premium-logo / Also don't forget to scroll down till the Extras ==-

You might think, You'll get the same results from a low priced service as from a higher priced one and is unreasonable to pay more for something that you can get for less. In reality, there's good chance you'll end up with an overly complicated logo mark, that's hard to decipher or remember, which does not have a connection with the core values of your business.

If you want to avoid this, there are few options. My recommendation is to find a designer who invests a serious amount of time in each of their projects. This is only possible if he/she's not working on tens of designs each day. I do premium logos for premium clients, dedicating the necessary amount of time for each project for the best possible outcome. This is why my service is one of the Top Services and it has the highest returning client ratio. This is the ultimate measure, if a client is satisfied enough to come back for more, even if you're not the cheapest one around.

Thank you for your interest. Please continue reading if you'd like to know more.

About the process:
- I'll need the project briefing completed
- After a couple of days I'll present to you my design idea(s) based on your briefing and my research.
- You'll see a fully developed digital design. You can get more options if Extras were added to your order (scroll down to see all of them), ie. Hand Drawn Sketches for quickly exploring more possibilities, without dedicated too much time to a specific design, or you can ask for more Initial Designs in digital format.
- You'll select the most appealing concept from the presented designs.
- Then we tailor the selected design exactly to your needs. (Tip! Check "Unlimited revisions" Extra Option).
- Finally you'll get all the file types you need (png, svg, eps, etc) of your selected logo.
- After finalizing our collaboration, you'll be free to alter the design, you'll be the sole owner of the artwork, I'll only keep the right to include the design in my portfolio (of course there's possibility for white label work too).

Provider Information:
I'm Arpad, Hungarian brand designer from Romania with a decade of experience in creating memorable and engaging brands.

Dedicating precious time to a project is crucial in my opinion. Many Companies / Startups fail these days. One thing that can be blamed is a weak brand. I can help to eliminate this factor of failure and ensure that your success will rely only on your products / services and business strategy. The strongest pillar of your brand is your logo, it's worth your investment of time and money.

Let's create a great logo together for your business!

P.s. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my service.


Briefing Details

What I need to get started:
- Name to incorporate in logo
- Tagline to incorporate in logo (if any)
- Company description & Target audience (required)
- Your Website address
- Logo examples you like (required)
- Brand Color preference (if any)



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